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1. My Micro Discectomy - D-Day

So Today is the Day of my MicroDiscectomy. I was originally scheduled to get operated on early Tuesday morning, however due to circumstances affecting other patients I was given the option to get operated one day earlier on the Monday, with surgery commencing at 1:30pm. While I have been coping ok with my sciatic pain as much as that is possible, I was more than happy to go in one day early to get a shot at resolving my pain.

A lunch time appointment opened  up the opportunity for a nice sleep in; much appreciated by my partner. It also meant more time for me to think and to get nervous about all the horrible things revealed by Dr Google over the days leading up to today. Being a first timer to surgery of any kind, receiving spinal surgery was something I was extremely nervous about. Signing off on possible paralysis, blindness, permanent pain,  and a bunch of other horrible outcomes made the bullet point death seem like one of the more friendly outcomes on the neatly formatted consent form. My anaesthetist later stated: “These things are as likely as rocking horse shit.” I may make a suggestion to amend the consent form accordingly.

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